Grilli sas Officina meccanica navale is committed for more than 10 years in the research and develop trusting on the best technology and researchers locally and internationally.

Our research aims to develop and manufacture an high quality and excellent functionality product.

Working together with CAD design and Engineering studies under the supervision of a team of independent scientists from C.N.R. (National Research Center) of Ancona and others from all over the world, we were able to greatly improve our products reaching a level of efficiency and quality of the global forefront of naval equipment for fishing.

The research focused on trawl doors with the aim of assessing their fluid dynamics, the environmental impact on the seabed and also improve their economic impact as well as on ecological waste of fuel.

The model AR STEEL AND POLYETHYLENE is our latest generation trawl-door, tested thanks to the international project BENTHIS (Benthic Ecosystem Fisheries Impact Study), born to analyze the impact of fishing trawl-door on benthic ecosystem.

Trawl-door has been tested both in the wind tunnel in Rostock / Germany and tub in Saint John’s / Canada;  these tests showed that the product respects, both technically and environmentally,  the hydrodynamic performance while reducing environmental impact.


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